8 Well Designed Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets You Can Make Yourself

Renovating kitchens might feel like a drag to some.

But for the rest of us, there isn’t a more exciting project to undertake for our homes.

8 Well Designed Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets You Can Make Yourself

Kitchens often house a lot of the major household appliances that we use regularly, such as fridges, freezers, hobs, and ovens, so they never really get a chance to have a full renovation take place.

So when they do happen on those rare occasions, you should take the opportunity to make those big changes that you’ve always wanted to see in your home.

One of the biggest ways that you can renovate your home kitchen is by giving those old cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

And sure, you could go in a white coat as you did before.

But they can sometimes feel a little sterile, a little too ‘professional kitchen where sleep is for the weak’, you know?

Certainly not the place where you may be spending as much time relaxing and talking with friends and family members as you are cooking.

So, allow us to be your font of inspiration, by showing you a great selection of kitchen cabinets that use an entirely new color to add a little extra life to your home kitchen, with these navy blue designs!

Navy Blue Butcher Block Island

Starting this list with a strong contender for one of our favorite kitchen designs around, we have this excellent combo of a current design trend, and how it can be combined with another popular kitchen feature to create a kitchen and cabinet design that will be the envy of your entire street.

Kitchen islands have been an increasingly popular feature of homes up and down the country, and even around the entire world.

Especially those that manage to get in that little extra storage space to them with in-built cupboards and cabinets

So, what does it look like when you combine a classic kitchen island with one of the trendiest colors to add to your kitchen?

Well, you get beautiful designs like this!

The navy blue cabinets and island cupboards pop against both the warmer browns and yellows that the wooden countertop and table add, as well as against the stark white of the walls and ceiling!

The three-color combo will make your kitchen truly unique among your friends and family!

Lily Ann Cabinets Navy Blue Shaker

These kitchen and cabinet designs that we see in this entry are a dynamic way of tiering your kitchen, providing a level of visual organization that you couldn’t get from simply arranging your appliances and amenities in the right place.

The fact that the bottom kitchen cabinets are all at floor and waist level marks a clear delineation between them and the white countertop, cabinets, and appliances that we see elsewhere around the room.

The fact that this kitchen also makes sure to keep its flooring, countertop, and even cabinet doors as flat as possible, by using flat door designs for the latter especially, means that you get an uninterrupted pattern across both layers of your kitchen, creating an almost blanketing effect across your chosen space.

Wooden Navy Blue Colorblocking Design

Do you know how we already mentioned how the positioning and layout of colors across your kitchen space and cabinet can have a massive effect on the overall feel of your space?

Well, this kitchen design takes that principle to a whole new level!

However, rather than using just two colors to get the desired effect across, this cabinet and kitchen design add a few warm wood notes to the mix, to help create a feeling of warm timeliness in this particular kitchen!

The wooden sides of the island are encapsulated in a white frame, creating a stark-white waterfall effect that pops against the navy blue walls.

Plus, if you are prepared to fork out some handleless panels and cabinet doors, you can turn that solid navy blue wall into even more storage space for your kitchen!

What can we say? This one is a work of art, as far as we are concerned!

Navy Blue Island With White Countertop

What can we say? We love a navy blue cabinet island underneath a white countertop!

While the larger and taller cabinets of this particular design are mainly white with accented gold handlebars, this allows for your navy blue cabinets underneath your island to stand out from the rest of the room, especially if you paint the walls and surrounding surfaces in a similarly light color paint.

Depending on the color or material that you choose to have for your kitchen’s flooring, you can even create the effect of a floating countertop, as the navy blue cabinet blend into a potentially dark tiled floor.

This effect works even better if you’re pairing that white countertop with an extended breakfast bar for eating time.

Some lighter wooden or leather stools will stand out against a darker floor and navy blue cabinet island.

Dark Blue Cabinet Walls & Kitchen

So, in the last entry, we showed you the pros of having the navy blue cabinet in your kitchen space be the exception to a primarily lighter room.

In this entry, we are going in the complete opposite direction, by demonstrating the kind of look you can achieve when you allow your navy blue cabinets to dominate the room.

Virtually every cupboard face and cabinet surface in this design go for the navy blue color.

For some people, this may be a little too much dark color in their kitchen space, where they may want lighter or whiter colors to be the dominant color to help bring warmth. Which is fair.

This particular design might not be to everyone’s tastes.

However, we still that the white countertops and walls help offset this overall darkness of the room, allowing the white to stand against an otherwise deeper color.

Plus, you can also add even more colored accents to the room, like with the metallic gold handles that the cabinets of this design show off, adding just a little extra color here.

Lower Blue Cabinet Designs

We always seem to come back to the color-blocking concept when it comes to navy blue kitchen cabinets.

But with designs like this, can you blame us? It’s a tried and true strategy, and more often than not, yields incredible results!

Plus, this particular design adds another element to the mix, by adding another popular material that is used in high-quality and high-class kitchens.

Marble is a very popular way of adding not just a fresh new aesthetic to your kitchen, but is also a great way of giving your countertop years of reliable use.

As many owners of these types of kitchens will tell you, marble doesn’t damage nearly as often or easily as any kind of wood!

Plus, against the navy blue lower cabinets, there’s an almost wild feel to the atmosphere this combo creates. It feels like you’re under a night sky, only broken by an idyllic mountainside.

Navy Blue Cabinets With Marble

If it wasn’t already clear how we gushed over the previous entry, we believe there is a wellspring of creative opportunity when combining navy blue kitchen cabinets with marble surfaces in your own kitchen space.

This kitchen design is a perfect example of the idea.

Once again, much of the navy blue kitchen cabinets occupy the lower half of the kitchen space, with the marble taking up almost an entire wall.

However, the single raised cabinet or other kitchen storage space creates a beautiful separation of colors and textures.

It almost looks like a waterfall crashing against a stone wall or mountainside effect.

With this design, you’ll have effectively recreated your slice and scene of nature in the comfort of your kitchen!

Couple that with a few accents of golden handles for your navy blue cabinets, and even a retro-style oven setup as they have in this kitchen, and you have a room that looks and feels magnificent!

Navy Blue Higher Cabinets

Finally, we’re moving away from the lower navy blue cabinet setups!

This kitchen style shakes things up a little, by effectively creating a three-tiered kitchen color block that starts with the navy blue cabinets taking up the highest level, and a warm wooden brown kitchen island at the bottom.

And, sandwiched between these two contrasting layers of color is the white countertop, as well as any walls or surfaces that you feel maybe shouldn’t be fully overtaken by the navy blue coloring.

Aside from the novel beauty, this creates a real statement of luxury in your kitchen space.

Especially when some of your higher and more noticeable cabinets have glass fronts to them.

It’s an interesting blend of rustic charm and luxury, and we can’t sing its praises enough!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, navy blue isn’t just a current trend for kitchens. It’s a way to set your living and cooking space apart from so many others out there.

Hopefully, these designs have given you plenty of inspiration to take with you in your renovations!

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