10 Amazing Loft Bed With Stairs To Inspire You

It’s safe to say that loft beds have a slightly bad reputation when it comes to bedroom designs.

Usually, they’re synonymous with children’s bedrooms or shared college dorms, and the design choices are far from glamorous.

10 Amazing Loft Bed With Stairs To Inspire You

Despite this, loft bedrooms are a great way to make the most out of your space, opening up space for more activity and room.

Especially for small apartments with high ceilings!

Although, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less-than-pleasant loft bedroom designs. In fact, we have created a guide on some of the best modern loft bedrooms to inspire you.

Loft beds no longer have to be restricted to children and college students.

In this guide, we outline 10 different loft bedroom ideas ranging from the interior design spectrum – you’re sure to find something you love.

Let’s get straight into it!

Loft Bed With Stairs Ideas

While loft beds can come in all shapes and sizes; however, they all share one basic principle: creating usable under-bed space.

These can be purchased off-the-shelf, however, the bed designs are bespoke, built-in options.

With this in mind, below you will find some of the best loft bed designs available, making the most out of every inch of space for two people.

1. Loft Beds That Serve Another Function

The best thing about loft beds is that they are incredibly versatile.

For instance, in this Broadway-style loft, the staircase has been transformed into a bookcase leading up to the bed.

This is a great way to maximize your available space.

A double-height loft ensures plenty of headroom.

Plus, by keeping the space open, you’ll have more light which increases the sense of space, while keeping the bed private from other parts of the room.

2. Double Up On Bedrooms With A Loft

To accommodate an additional sleeping space for guests, transform your one-bedroomed lofts with an above-sleeping pod.

With one bedroom on the bottom and another located on the top, you’ll have enough space for guests to sleep over.

While headroom may be limited, each room is designed with maximum height in mind.

Consider painting the room a very dark shade, even near-black, since this will create the illusion of a taller ceiling by disappearing the constraints.

For optimum efficiency, the ladder is removable as this allows you to make the most out of your space when the room isn’t occupied.

3. Integrate A Loft Bed Into A Pitched Roof

Exposed pitched roofs are a beautiful addition to architectural designs providing an abundance of character, although they are also a great option for a loft bed.

While installing a whole bedroom within this space may prove to be difficult – since the headroom is highest in the middle of the room, and sloping downwards with the beams – a loft bed can feel surprisingly spacious within a sharply pitched roof.

This loft bed design is a clever use of space, using a slatted room divider to separate the room from the main living area.

To make the room feel less claustrophobic, consider installing a roof light above the bed, making the small room feel bigger.

Plus, you’ll get some amazing views.

4. Make The Most Out Of Your Ceiling Space

Make The Most Out Of Your Ceiling Space

While the conventional way to arrange your furniture is on the ground, have you ever considered moving them to your ceiling?

No, we don’t mean nailing your furniture to your ceiling!

Instead, open up your ceiling space by creating a loft high above your floor space.

This layout provides a spacious feeling to the room and doesn’t obstruct any natural light coming from the windows.

Underneath the bed, you’ll have a whole lot of space available. Here, you can fit a desk, couch, or gaming station.

Where once the majority of your floor space was taken up by a bed, you’ll know how a whole lot of space to play with.

5. Incorporate Your Loft Stairs Into The Design

Access to your loft bed is one of the most important factors to consider, usually consisting of two halves.

For one, it needs to be practical, you need to ask yourself ‘Do I have enough space to accommodate stairs or a simple ladder?’.

Once you have considered this, then the fun can begin.

When using stairs, the creative possibilities are endless. In one design, you could use decorative storage boxes as stairs – perfect for kids’ bedrooms.

Each step forms different-sized boxes, not only is this visually appealing but provides enough space for all their toys.

6. Built-In Joinery

The smallest rooms are usually the least desirable; however, with some inquisitive thinking and skill, you can make a small space work.

For a tiny bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a bunk-style loft bed. Underneath, place a comfy lounge chair for a relaxing feel to the room. Although, the magic happens when you climb the steps.

The lower section of the bed retracts to provide desk space for a child. While the chair is moveable to free up space and place it elsewhere in the room, to allow more space to play.

To reach its full potential, this versatile design stretches across every inch of the bedroom.

7. Think Guardrail Designs

Depending on the circumstances, you should avoid open loft beds. Generally, there should always be some kind of barrier which makes it safe for use, especially with small children in the house.

When deliberating what guardrail to use, there are two factors to take into consideration: privacy and light.

For instance, an all-glass partition would be great for light; although, it wouldn’t be great for privacy.

Conversely, a solid guard rail would be perfect for privacy, but doesn’t offer much – or anything – in terms of light; creating a dark and claustrophobic space.

Therefore, your loft needs to be dynamic, changing depending on the conditions, occupancy, and lighting. Instead, try metal screen rails. This makes the mezzanine both parts and removed, from the general living area.

Depending on where you’re standing, the metal shifts from largely opaque to largely transparent, providing shifting amounts of privacy.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate your loft bed into a guest bedroom or studio apartment, considering the partition for your platform is important for a comfortable space.

8. Boxed-In Design For Privacy

Contrary to popular belief, loft beds don’t necessarily need to be open in an adjoining room.

In fact, some designs incorporate sliding screens.

This is particularly useful in studio apartments, providing you with a private and dark area away from the commotion outside your curtains.

Thus, sliding open the doors of your sleeping pod when you wake up is akin to opening your curtains in the bedroom.

This design is being introduced across micro-living apartments, where internal walls are removed to turn small apartments into a warren of interconnected rooms with one main living space.

Inspired by Japanese Shoji screens, a screen-style bed is stacked on top of a base that contains a walk-in closet design.

9. Consider An Access Ladder

When space is an important factor to keep in mind, consider replacing stairs with an access ladder. This will make a huge difference to the overall space available.

Likewise, having a ladder can also make a space feel more private and enclosed – it is a bit reminiscent of a treehouse. Here, instead of climbing in the trees, you’ll reach your bed. Although, the same snug feelings remain.

In this room, incorporating office space and extra guest rooms was an important factor. It is a great design as you get both uses of the office and bed without feeling like you’re in the same room.

Making the most out of a space without feeling too invasive.

10. Low-Rise Platform Beds

Typically, loft beds are positioned overhead; however, this slightly elevated version is just as useful.

The design features a bespoke platform with simple steps using characterful plywood, to create a bed with copious amounts of storage for all your requirements.

With ample space for clothing, shoes, and even suitcases!

This design transcends all around the room, providing some much-needed storage – perfect for smaller rooms.

A byproduct of the design is an unencumbered style bed since no bedside tables or furniture are restricting your bed.

This allows white walls, natural light from the windows, and high ceilings to create an airy, inspiring, and light space you’ll want to spend all your time in.

Final Thoughts

Loft beds no longer need to be limited to children and college students, with these stylish designs, you’re sure to find something you like.

The best thing about a loft bed is that they make the most out of the space available – perfect for small apartments, guest rooms, and studio apartments.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with some loft bed inspiration for your next design projects.

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