10 Amazing Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets To Inspire You

Whether you’re redesigning your whole kitchen or simply looking for a refresh, why not embrace the color sage green?

10 Amazing Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets To Inspire You

This color is becoming an increasingly popular addition to kitchen cabinets all around the world, and it’s easy to see why!

The color is welcoming, cheerful, and complements various hardware accents and styles perfectly. 

With this in mind, this article will explore 10 amazing sage green kitchen cabinets that will not only inspire you but capture your full attention. 

Let’s get straight into it. 

1. Two-Toned Delights

Two-toned kitchens scream class and modernity but they are also incredibly eye-catching, too.

The combination of the sage green cupboards and the white walls is like a match made in heaven! 

For more oomph, consider adding a geometric backsplash to add more texture to the kitchen. 

2. Serene Space

In this charming yet subdued kitchen, the light sage green color works wonderfully with the white accents of the countertops. 

Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen – from cleaning, performing general household chores, and preparing meals – you want your space to be as serene and calming as possible. 

These light sage green cabinets provide just that. 

3. Lower-Level

For smaller kitchens, removing upper cabinets can make a space feel much bigger. Coat the lower-level cabinets in a lovely layer of sage green hues. 

Instead of wall cabinets, consider open shelving; this makes a space feel airier and adds character to your kitchen.

Here, you can store your favorite handmade pottery pieces, coffee mugs, cooking books, and much more. 

Add an array of different plants for a boho and rustic feel to the kitchen. 

4. Quality Quartz

Quartz makes for a particularly wonderful pairing with sage green cabinets. 

Here, quartz countertops are coupled with muted-sage green under cabinets. 

By keeping your countertop clutter to a minimum, you open out the space; achieving a luxe finish. 

5. Green Galore

Sage green cabinets won’t be the only green-colored accessories you’ll find in this sunny kitchen; from plants, flowers, vines, and more – you can’t go wrong with the color green. 

If you’re looking to bring nature into your space, then adding green color would be the first step to do so. 

Avoid the hassle of maintaining real plants with fake plants, there are many realistic faux bouquets on the market these days – great for those who aren’t home too often.

6. Rustic Touch

Rustic Touch

Wood countertops are the perfect touch when paired with sage green cabinetry if you’re looking to achieve a rustic feel to your kitchen. 

If you are a fan of cottage or farmhouse style, then this would be the perfect interior design choice for you. 

7. Cool Contrast

Solitary cabinets within a space of your kitchen make for an ideal dedicated coffee or tea bar. 

Once again, sage green is the star of the show in this kitchen. Here, the deep black hardware on the cooking utensils is highlighted against the backdrop of muted sage green. 

Alternatively, if coffee equipment doesn’t match your imagined aesthetic, you could always consider adding small woven baskets and following a color scheme for a more streamlined, seamless look. 

8. Sleek Pulls

Cabinet hardware is usually overlooked when it comes to kitchen design, however, these small details can provide a lot of impact when paired with the right colors – adding a whole lot of personality to a kitchen. 

For instance, these gold pulls create a sophisticated and contemporary look against the dark sage green cabinets, while still being convenient enough to easily access your cabinets when you’re busy preparing meals. 

9. Bit-By-Bit

If it’s your first time experimenting with colored cabinetry, then the best way to introduce it into your kitchen is little by little. 

Start by painting your upper or lower cabinets a beautiful sage green color, from here, you can begin to introduce different colors into your space. 

For instance, here, the lower cabinets are painted a stunning deep sage color which looks charming against the marble countertops. 

While these colors are polar opposites, they work surprisingly well when paired together. 

10. Nice and Bright

These sage green cabinets look perfect in nice, big, bright kitchens, and with the help of a large skylight, they look right at home! 

Sage green is a great choice to keep your space looking fresh and nice without having to resort to plain white countertops and cabinets if you feel it to be too stark for your preference. 

Once again, choosing open shelving can make the space feel more expansive, without cluttering the area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Add Sage Green To My Kitchen?

Sage green’s organic, matt characteristics mean that it can be used on almost all your kitchen surfaces for an effortless and desirable finish. Some ways you can incorporate the color include:

Sage Green Cabinets And Cupboards

Incorporating sage green in the form of a unit will make a design statement without being overpowering. For larger kitchens, consider pairing sage green cabinets against a neutral-colored countertop or island.

While you can use sage green throughout your kitchen, ensure to balance it out with different colored flooring and countertops, making sure your kitchen isn’t too green.

Sage Green Worktops

If you want to add sage green to your kitchen but in a more subtle manner, consider sage green countertops against a more neutral cabinet, such as cream or off-white.

By doing so, you can add a pop of color to your kitchen without making it the whole focus of the room.

Sage Green Kitchen Walls

Since sage green is such an organic and calming color, it is the perfect choice for painting your kitchen walls.

For a larger kitchen, consider restraining this color as a feature wall or even color-blocking a specific section for pops of color throughout.

Conversely, you can also purchase sage green tiles which perfectly complement light gray or white walls, making your kitchen feel more spacious.

Sage Green Accessories

If you’re not ready to permanently paint your units and fixtures sage green, then you can test out the color in the form of sage green accessories.

Consider things such as dishes, tea towels, plant pots, and oven mitts for an effective yet subtle addition of sage green to your kitchen design.

Since sage green is incredibly versatile, it means that these accessories will look amazing in a range of different kitchens.

Colors To Use With Sage Green

Sage green is one of the best colors to incorporate into your kitchen simply because it complements so many other colors! Running from midnight black to the purest of whites.

One of the best ways of finding the right pairing for you is through experimenting!

However, if you don’t have the resources to do so, we have outlined some classic combinations that you surely can’t go wrong with. These include:

For A Country Cottage Kitchen

If you’re influenced by country cottage designs, consider pairing sage green with light wooden countertops and with shades of cream and white.

Sage green cupboards, white countertops, and light wooden flooring seamlessly work together to create a farmhouse feel.

To lighten up your space, especially for a smaller kitchen, consider incorporating white shelving and creamy walls.

To go a step further, adding white tiles above the countertops will create a vintage feel.

To add a rustic edge to the overall cottage effect, consider adding a singular dark feature like a range oven.

Likewise, throughout your kitchen, incorporating touches of copper across the palette, including faucets, cupboard pulls, and pendant lights will add an antique shine to your country-style kitchen.

For A More Contemporary Look

For a more modern-minded design and color palette, consider using sage green alongside more muted hues of off-white and gray.

Adding sage green to your walls and countertops will create the illusion of a bigger room while adding a contemporary flair.

To complement the overall effect, consider adding matt, dark finish flooring for a rich texture. Plus, handleless cabinets in pale gray or off-white color will subtly brighten up the room.

For A More Traditional Kitchen

Since sage green is quite an earthy and natural color, it works perfectly with different shades of brown and cream.

Using this color palette creates a naturally seamless feel to a kitchen if you’re looking for an organic and relaxing vibe.

Consider matching your countertops and flooring with a walnut color and then choose sage green cabinetry for a more traditional and modern look.

Final Thoughts

Sage green kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular among interior designers, and this is for good reason, too!

Not only does sage green complement a range of different colors, but it also adds a cheerful and welcoming feel to your kitchen.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.

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