Design Inspiration For Your Modern Horizontal And Vertical Fence

The most common reasons for installing a fence are for privacy, delineating property limits, or protecting children and pets.

However, fencing can also be an attractive addition to your home’s outside design.

Design Inspiration For Your Modern Horizontal And Vertical Fence

Beyond the traditional, fundamental designs, there are a plethora of alternatives and styles to take into account.

Therefore, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite modern horizontal and vertical fence designs to offer you some ideas.

Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas

Vertical fencing is normally manufactured, but horizontal fences allow for more customization.

Depending on how much privacy you want, horizontal planks can be placed close together or farther apart, and they can even lengthen the appearance of your yard or property, making it seem bigger.

Here are some of our favorite modern horizontal fence ideas.

Horizontal Fence With Shelving

A terrific, inexpensive solution for adding any lovely backyard yard art to your fences is a horizontal fence with shelving.

It advances the concept of the container garden.

If you add shelving to your fence, you can add bird feeders, fairy houses, or whatever else you can think of as backyard lighting ideas.

Corrugated Metal Horizontal Fence

The poles and frame of this horizontal fence design are largely made of metal and very little wood.

You may create the ideal backyard fence for your privacy by selecting from a variety of corrugated metal shapes.

You will find that some summertime locations are a little warmer after adding metal. Be careful if you plant anything close by as this is a common problem for gardeners with this fence.

Shadow Box Horizontal Fence

Whether you have a horizontal fence or a vertical fence, the shadow box fence is regarded as the “good neighbor” fence.

That is because the fence’s pillars and boards appear attractive from both sides.

The shadow box has boards on both sides, which leaves space for airflow.

As a result, from a certain angle, passersby may also see a portion of your backyard through the fence, however, the amount of your backyard they can view is much smaller with horizontal fencing than it is with vertical shadow box fencing.

Dark Horizontal Wood Fence

Darker woods for your horizontal fence can provide a touch of elegance if you’re going for a contemporary appearance for your garden.

You might also think about painting less expensive pine with black or dark browns to achieve the same look and feel if there aren’t any naturally dark woods that you like.

Modern Vertical Fence Ideas

Vertical fences are reminiscent of the most traditional style, but now you can easily make them modern.

With a little creativity and unique materials that are out of the ordinary, you can easily add a contemporary spin to a classic vertical fence.

Here are some of our favorite modern vertical fence ideas.

Vertical Timber Fence

The rather substantial, fashionable, and classic-looking vertical timber fence gives the front boundary of the garden a finished appearance.

The vertical timber not only gives the garden a classic appearance, but also serves as a barrier against intruders.

Additionally, because your garden is now tidy, clean, and more aesthetically pleasing, you won’t need to hide it.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

The bamboo privacy fence is both natural and fashionable.

It exudes elegance and offers your yard a lovely appearance.

Your landscaping will seem more dramatic and your garden will be more gorgeous thanks to the lovely bamboo fencing.

Your yard will be completely enclosed by the bamboo fence, making it impossible to see anything from the outside.

Solid Metal Panel Fence

Metal panels are renowned for their glossy appearance, smooth texture, and lustrous quality.

Metals also give the home and garden a sufficient level of security and privacy.

Metal panels’ tactile quality of brilliance gives your yard a gorgeous, distinctive aspect that makes it a delightful location to spend an evening.

In addition to this, the concrete panels give the entire garden a rustic-yet-modern character, enhancing its beauty and making it one of a kind.

Metal Sheets and Wood Combo Fence

The mix of metal sheets and wood slats is both completely inexpensive and fashionable.

The metal sheets contrast beautifully with the rough timber framework and hardwood slats, giving the structure a really unique and cool appearance.

Given its strength and ability to resist breaking, the timber structure is ideal for your garden from a security standpoint.

Final Thoughts

You might not realize it, but a fence is a huge feature when it comes to the design of your exterior home.

Use this inspiration to find something that we’ll suit your taste and landscaping goals.

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