How To Hide TV Wires

The TV is a big focus of your living room but unfortunately, it’s not always the most aesthetically pleasing part of the room.

Between the TV itself, home theater systems, gaming consoles, and streaming devices, the back of your TV can be a mess of wires that can upset the look of your room.

How To Hide TV Wires

These wires might be essential but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with tangled cords and a knotted mess in clear view.

Thankfully, there are several ways to tidy the space behind your TV and they’re easy enough for anyone to do them.

In this article, we will look at six different ways to hide your TV wires.

1. Tidy Your Cables With Cable Ties

Of all of the ideas in this article, this is probably the quickest, easiest, and cheapest. That doesn’t make it any less effective though!

Instead of having several different wires spreading out in different ways and directions, you can use cable ties to keep them grouped together and neat.

There are several different ties available but we would recommend opting for wire tires or reusable Velcro ones. The plastic ties don’t look as neat and can usually only be used once.

If you opt for cable ties, it’s best to group together similar types of wires. For example, keep AV interconnects separate from electrical cables.

This prevents any kind of interference between the wires and the signals and also makes it easier to identify different cables if you need to. 

Collect the wires together behind appliances or furniture and wrap the wires around them.

This way, the only wires that will be in sight will be the ones grouped together so instead of several individual wires, you’ll only see a couple of neat bunches.

2. Buy Newer And Shorter Cables

Often, the problem with messy cables is that they are too long for the space available.

If your TV is only a few inches away from the wall, having a wire that is several feet long is going to be messy because that excess wire will be messily looped and piled together.

In many cases, you can buy replacement wires that are of a more suitable length.

There are many different HDMI cable lengths available and you might want to take the opportunity to not only buy shorter cables but to get ultra-high-speed ones as well.

A cable that is only one foot long instead of three feet will instantly look much neater.

You might also have the option of buying wires in a different color. If your walls are white, look for white-coated cables as these will stand out less than black cables.

3. Install New Power Sockets Behind Your TV


This might not be the easiest option for most people, but if you’re renovating your living room or are able to get a qualified electrician involved, you can put some power sockets behind your TV. 

If the power sockets are right behind your TV, you can add some shorter cables and you might not need to see any wires at all.

Many modern homes have HDMI or USB ports as well as regular power outlets as well, so that is also an option that can save you some messy cables.

Even if you can’t put the power sockets directly behind your TV because the wall won’t support them, you can always just move them a little closer.

Unfortunately, installing new power sockets isn’t always an option. If you rent your home this idea is probably a non-starter and if your walls are made from brick or concrete, you won’t be able to do this either.

4. Install A Cable Raceway

A cable raceway is a great option for concealing wires. A cable raceway is a flat covering that attaches to your wall and covers the cables.

It’s usually made from PVC and can be tailored exactly to your needs. You can choose the length and width, as well as the color of the raceway to make sure that it matches your wall color.

The front of the raceway tube can be taken on and off so you can add or remove cables as you need to. You can buy raceways online and install them yourself with only a few screws.

They’re also reasonably priced so this is an option that is available for most people and homes.

5. Use The Skirting Boards And Rugs

This doesn’t always work with thicker cables such as power cables but can be a great option for speaker wires.

If you have speakers that are mounted on the wall or are spaced away from your TV, the wires can often get in the way and can even be tripping hazards.

You can avoid this and make the wires look neater by taking advantage of the layout of your living room.

Cables can be attached along skirting walls and door frames with some cheap but useful nail-in cable clips.

These will keep your wires tight to the walls so they’re less noticeable and less likely to trip people.

You can also consider hiding the wires underneath rugs. This is a good option for larger rooms as running wires along several walls and door frames aren’t always practical.

If you do opt for covering wires with rugs, however, it’s best to choose areas that aren’t frequently walked over so that people aren’t treading on the wires.

6. Mount Your Power Strip To The Wall

If you have several appliances that need a power supply, you can keep the power cables neater by placing the power strip in the right place.

Power strips don’t just have to lie on the floor as there are several power strips that can be attached to the wall or clipped underneath surfaces. 

A power strip attached underneath your TV unit can be ideal for collecting together your power cables.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed six very different ways to hide your TV wires. We hope these help!

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