8 Professional Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets Perfect For A DIY Project

Who doesn’t love renovation season? It’s a chance to give a room or two in your home (or maybe even your entire home) a new lease on life, with a whole new look, and plenty of new items to help completely change its atmosphere of it.

8 Professional Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets Perfect For A DIY Project

The kitchen is a particularly popular center when it comes to home renovations.

After all, when it comes to these hubs of activity in our homes, they house so much vital equipment for everyday life, from fridges to ovens, to so much else, that they very rarely get that chance to for a good update, both to their equipment and style.

So, when renovation for your kitchen does eventually roll around, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything that you could need to make your kitchen look brand new!

And we’re going to start that kitchen renovation by giving your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life, starting with these suggestions that we have collected here!

1. Smith & Vansant Architects

Starting this list with one of our favorite kitchen cabinet designs on this list, we have this amazing little cabinet project that you can start adding to your to-do list.

(Well, maybe ‘little’ isn’t the most accurate term, but you get where we’re coming from here!)

One of the things that some people often take issue with when it comes to white kitchen cabinet designs is that, while they look beautiful, pristine, professional and everything in between, they can also come across as a little… clinical, you know?

Well, that’s a remark that feels like this particular kitchen and cabinet design was made to answer.

Created by Smith and Vansant Architects, this home kitchen design manages to combine the beautiful and professional aspects of white kitchen cabinets, with that warm glow that the homeliest of kitchens seem to radiate.

The wooden table that is used in the dining area of this kitchen helps cast a warm atmosphere around the room, something that is only enhanced by that warmth bouncing off of the pristine white cabinets around the room and across the countertops.

If you’re looking for a sweet combination of old and new design sensibilities, then 

2. Lightly Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet 

Speaking of old design sensibilities, our next entry hopes to emulate a little rustic charm in its home kitchen cabinet design.

As we have briefly touched on, it can often feel like professional white cabinets and farmhouse aesthetics are sometimes at odds with each other.

After all, a clean, smooth surfaced cabinet with no imperfections to ruin that surface, kind of flies in the face of the kind of charm that people love about farmhouse home designs, which are made to feel a little more well-worn and lived in.

However, this particular kitchen design does marry these two distinct styles into a single cohesive room design.

Once again, the trick here is knowing where to add color to your kitchen to add that homely charm.

Here, it can be found in the stools that are placed under the breakfast bar, having a warm brown tone to accent against a gorgeous white kitchen cabinet.

This also gives you plenty of opportunities to experiment with different materials for your stools too.

Solid wood helps give the room the classic farmhouse feel that you are looking for, but tanned or brown leather will add some of that color too, while also adding a little extra comfort.

The choice is up to you here!

3. Mike Smith’s Artistic Kitchens

We’re going all in with this particular combination of white cabinets and warm wooden surroundings. This is our third kitchen in a row for this style!

The wooden sideboards and countertops are the item giving the kitchen area that homely harm feeling, which is once again contrasted against the white cabinet designs featured in this kitchen.

The white also allows that flash of color to bounce around the room, giving the entire kitchen space a lovely yellow glow to it when the light hits just right.

Combine that with a few traditional farmhouse accent patterns at the top of the cabinet for a little break in the overall pattern, and you have a home design that feels both lived-in, and professional at the same time!

Plus, the island feature gives you plenty of options for surfaces, whilst also continuing that same design sensibility of white surfaces to bounce warm light off them.

There’s even a little marble countertop in this particular design, for good measure! 

4. Classy & Gold

Staying on the idea of incorporating marble countertops in your farmhouse kitchen cabinet design, this next renovation project takes the concept of a classy kitchen to a whole new level!

The trick for the extra class in this kitchen is the increased use of marble as a countertop material, as well as the use of a little gold coloring or plating around the kitchen to bring a little extra color and, more importantly, flair.

Is this moving a little too far away from what a farmhouse aesthetic should feel or look like? We’ll let you be the judge of that. It’s a subjective measurement that will be different for everyone’s tastes.

However, the warm wooden white cabinet still adds a professional touch to the whole kitchen and stops the entire design from feeling too over-extravagant and tacky.

5. Contemporary Farmhouse Design

Moving away from the somewhat more extravagant designs that we covered in the previous section, we have a farmhouse kitchen cabinet design that takes things back to basics.

Well, perhaps not quite. Rather than having some parts of the kitchen a warm yellow or brown color, this particular kitchen cabinet design marries the two styles together to create a single, uniform farmhouse aesthetic that is perfect for the 21st century.

The rustic, wooden materials that are used for the majority of this kitchen help stop the kitchen from feeling like a home kitchen, and looking too much like a professional restaurant setting.

But when given a beautiful and unbroken coat of white paint, these wooden cabinets and cupboards are transformed into a design that looks like it would be just at home as a professional establishment, or in the comfort o your own home.

All while being in, you guessed it, the comfort of your own home!

6. Light Gray Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Following on from the new style that we established in the previous entry, this next kitchen farmhouse cabinet follows a similar trend of marrying two classic designs, while also adding a little extra color to boot.

The first thing that you will likely notice, asides from the stunning woodwork that has gone into these farmhouse cabinets, is the use of light gray as the main coat, instead of a classic white.

Now, this particular style may not be for you if your heart is set on a white farmhouse kitchen cabinet design, and that’s cool.

But we find that the light gray color helps further modernize this kitchen for the 2020s to come, whilst also allowing for more colors to be added in the future.

After all, light gray is a pretty neutral color that can go with many other styles, from navy blues and mustard yellows to that classic white that you love to see in a modern kitchen design.

This particular kitchen design even incorporates white into it still, with the walls and countertop still being given a white coating, helping them pop against the more muted grays.

All we’re saying is don’t knock light gray farmhouse cabinet designs until you’ve given them a try for yourself!

7. Modern Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinet

In the same vein as the previous few entries, this particular farmhouse kitchen cabinet design is a great way of allowing your kitchen space to blend into a wider living area, especially if you have just had a wall knocked through!

This particular kitchen design has perhaps the design that heavily uses the most white paint and color out of any that we have covered so far, with the only major area of a distinct primary color being the wooden table and chairs.

That might be enough to turn some away, who want a little extra warmth in their kitchen space.

However, we can’t fault that the consistent color used in both the cooking and kitchen spaces helps unify the entire living space as if it was always intended to be a single big room.

8. Hillside Barn Kitchen Cabinet Design

Going back to basics with this final room design, this particular farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea has a much more even spread of both white and non-white surfaces.

While this may be less appealing to some, it also allows the white cabinets to pop off of the warmer colors sprinkled across the room, from the browns of the wood to the blacks of the island countertop.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! A Smorgasbord of white farmhouse kitchen cabinet designs for you to pick from!

We hope that this guide has come in handy for you!  

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