The Right Way To Hang Pendant Lighting Over Your Kitchen Island

Do you have questions about how to hang pendant lighting over your kitchen island? Do you want to know at which height to hang them or how much space to leave between them when placing them? Not sure about the number of pendant lights you will have to get?

If any of these questions keep popping into your head, we are here to help you out.

The Right Way To Hang Pendant Lighting Over Your Kitchen Island

In this article, we will offer you some advice on the best way to hang your pendant lighting over your kitchen island and how to make it look great.

So, keep on reading below to find out more!

What Is The Ideal Height For Hanging The Pendant Lighting Over The Kitchen Island?

A general rule of thumb is to hang pendants anywhere from 30 to 36 inches above your kitchen counter.

To be more precise, the distance between the upper side of your counter and the bottom of your pendant would have to be around 30 to 36 inches.

Remember, though, that all this (and the advice we will offer you in a bit) are just recommendations and you can always consider making minor changes to meet your specific requirements.

Someone might wish to have their pendant lighting 42 inches above their kitchen island if they are tall or have someone tall in the family. Taking into account the practical side of it is more important than simply having it look good.

What Is The Best Distance To Leave Between My Pendant Lights?

The Right Way To Hang Pendant Lighting Over Your Kitchen Island

The total count of pendant lights you will want to have hanging over your kitchen island, as well as the size of these pendant lights are the two factors that will determine the distance between them.

Here are some general recommendations for pendant lights and the space between them:

  • In case your kitchen island isn’t that tall and comes at 6-7 inches in width, you can opt for two pendant lights which will be placed a minimum of 30 inches apart from one another and an equal distance from the island’s center point.
  • To figure out the maximum spacing between your pendant lights should hang, check how wide your kitchen island is and divide that measuring number by 12.

To put it differently, you should leave a minimum of 6 inches between both sides of the kitchen island and the widest outer part of the pendant lighting.

  • If using 3 pendant lights to illuminate a bigger kitchen island, hang one straight over the middle of the island, then hang the other 2 by keeping approximately 30 inches of distance and by placing one on each side of the middle pendant light. 

You also need to keep a 6-inch distance. But keep in mind that the outer edges of the pendant lights should be a minimum of 6 inches away from the edges of the kitchen island.

This probably means that you should use your maths skills or a calculator to make things easier!

  • If you are wishing to hang numerous pendant lights, the diameter (width) of the pendants will define the separation distance. 

Preferably, the distance between every pendant should be equal to the width or diameter of every lamp.

  • Keep pendant lights at least 2 feet (24 inches) apart.
  • If you decide on a single yet longer pendant light, it must be hung right above the kitchen island’s center point and occupy less than 2/3 of the island’s space.

How Big Or Small Must My Pendant Lights Be?

There are so many things that influence the answer to it. As a general guideline we could say that the more space you want to have light, the larger the pendant lights must be.

Another thing to consider is the height of your room. So, if you have a very high ceiling, then you need your pendant lights to be bigger and perhaps hang lower so as to offer the right lighting to the room.

You will need to rely on your judgment to choose pendant dimensions that are equivalent to the kitchen island you have and the dimensions of your kitchen too.

It goes without saying that the bigger your kitchen and kitchen island is, the bigger the pendant lights should be.

The purpose of these pendant lights will also define their dimensions. If you are using them for cooking preparations, then you need bigger ones, whereas if they are simply decorative, their size is better defined by the overall style and design of your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Pendant lighting is a feature that adds style and elegance to a kitchen when added above a kitchen island.

If you are planning on hanging some pendant lights in your kitchen, you now know what the ideal dimensions and distance between the pendant lights are, as well as the aspects you need to consider before hanging them.

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