Tricorn Black: The Authentic Black Color You Need In Your House

Black is a popular color in a variety of interior looks, which would include contemporary farmhouses and mid-century modern. It’s both cool and timeless, and it’ll never be considered decadent.

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams is a common choice among homeowners who wish to introduce black to their interior decoration.

Tricorn Black The Authentic Black Color You Need In Your House

But what distinguishes this black paint color from the rest that makes people want to go all Rolling Stones and “Paint It, Black”?

Tricorn Black: An Authentic Color

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is an “authentic” black color. With no obvious blueish or brownish subtle tones that are occasionally found in other hues of black, it is perhaps the only flawless black paint color on the market.

Ask people around and you will see that whoever added the Tricorn Black to their interior design plans for one or more of their room’s furnishings, loved it.

Not only does it bring a dramatic and, at the same time, classy vibe to the room, but having some furniture painted with this color means you are staying away from the basic whites.

If you compare it to the other blacks, you will see that they simply cannot measure up to their competition.

Once you see them next to the Tricorn Black, you will realize how all of them will either be a bit more charcoal-like or have undertones that will make them appear less black when the light hits them.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Tricorn Black is the blackest of paint colors you can find, and you will be reassured when everyone will compliment your amazing total-black cabinet.

How Can I Add Tricorn Black In My Interior Space?

Tricorn Black The Authentic Black Color You Need In Your House

Adding a shade like Tricorn Black to your interior decoration is bound to make a strong impression. When contemplating such a daring color, it is common to feel intimidated.

Nevertheless, including a blackened corner or space in your apartment’s interior decor can deliver a touch of class!

We’re pretty sure that most of you are starting to wonder if bringing this vibrant color into your home is the best option for you.

Maybe you’re questioning whether black is the only option at all or simply thinking that a bluish undertone would not look that bad after all.

While these are all normal thoughts, let us reassure you that Tricorn Black is the best black paint color you can choose and that an addition of black in your living room or bathroom will only make it look better.

As we said, this chic color is both cool and classy and is frequently used to add drama to structural details on the facade of a home or to add ambiance and depth to an interior area.

Aside from being used on walls, Tricorn Black can and should be used on furniture, cabinets, doors, window frames, or wooden features on the walls.


Tricorn black is a stunning exterior color. Applying black to the outside trim, door, window frames, and other parts such as garage doors is both stylish and classic.

It can give your house a modern touch while preserving its elegance. It’s no surprise that everyone is currently fascinated with coloring it all black!

Moreover, tricorn black is preferred by many people for its front doors. It indeed is a wonderful accent color that can bring an artistic flair to any residence, whether it’s classic, modern, or even futuristic.


Tricorn Black looks great in a kitchen and is commonly applied on kitchen cupboards and islands.

Adding contrasting colors to your interior decor is a smart option, and Tricorn black is ideal for creating daring and intense juxtapositions.

You should not worry in case your metallic appliances are not really incorporated into the total design plan and are not tucked away: such material still looks fantastic in front of Tricorn Black walls or near Tricorn Black cupboards.

Almost any kind of kitchen device complements Tricorn black, so you can easily make it work with anything you’ve got already installed in place.


Tricorn black can also look lovely in a bedroom. Several folks choose it as an accent wall shade, and yet we feel it can do its best work when it covers the entire space.

However, we do appreciate that not everyone loves dark rooms, so if you want bright and warm colors, you might want to keep it white and add some Tricorn Black details.


Who doesn’t like the idea of a small bathroom painted with Tricorn Black color? As we said, this color is great at adding depth and elegance to a room, so you can easily make a small bathroom look bigger and chic.

Tricorn Black: A Drawback

Dust that can be spotted by the naked eye is one of the side effects of employing such a dark black color. Whenever the sun or any artificial light shines on your walls, people will be able to easily spot any dust.

So, if you are not a fan of this look, you might want to keep Tricorn Black for other areas or perhaps the exterior of your house.

The Bottom Line

Tricorn Black is an absolutely amazing color and is considered the most authentic black of all the black paints. It is not only great on walls but also on furniture, window frames, and any other surface you can think of.

If black is your favorite color, then don’t think twice before designing a total black look for your house!

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