15 Well Designed Nesting Coffee Tables You Can Make Yourself

Nesting coffee tables are so convenient. They’re an excellent space saver when you’re not using them all, and when you do need them, they’re there waiting, ready to be pulled out.

15 Well Designed Nesting Coffee Tables You Can Make Yourself

And if, like me, you’re one of those who likes to try their hand at a little DIY, then making a set yourself can be very rewarding. 

I’ve been scouring the internet, looking for the best DIY nesting coffee table ideas out there. I made a shortlist of 15 of the best ones, and now I’m going to share my findings with you.

I think you’re bound to find some you’d like to make!

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

1. CB2 Nesting Coffee Tables Dupe From Peony And Honey

CB2, for those who don’t already know, is a retailer of high-end home and furniture products.

And one of the products recently featured on their website is a lovely set of nesting coffee tables.

These coffee tables do not fit directly underneath one another, but rather can slide underneath each other just so far, and they have just one table leg each in the center, giving them a whole different look to your more usual nesting coffee table set.

What’s more, the table legs have a distinct pattern, to give the tables a more refined look.

2. Nest Of Tables From Nuts And Bolts DIY

This is a much more traditional set of nesting coffee tables. The set is made up of just two tables, with the smaller table able to nest directly underneath the larger one.

The instructions provided are in the form of a YouTube video, which is really handy because you can see for yourself exactly what you need to be doing at each stage of the project.

However, I would suggest that you watch the video in full first and make some notes, so that you can note and gather everything that you’re going to need for the project.

3. Nesting Tables With Hairpin Legs From Woodbrew

These nesting tables are really easy to make, as this YouTube video clearly demonstrates.

The instructions provided explain how to make two tables, where the shorter one can easily nest underneath the larger one.

Where these nesting tables are different from your more usual ones is in the design of the table legs, which are hairpin.

The video is very short, which goes to show just how easy the project is.

4. DIY Resin & Wood Nesting Tables From Instructables Workshop

These nesting tables are just beautiful.

They feature one larger and one smaller table, where the smaller one slides underneath the larger one. They have a really nice circular table-top, which is part wood and part resin.

They have three table legs each which are connected to each other at the bottom.

There is a handy video showing you exactly what you need to do. And the tools and materials required are laid out for you. 

5. DIY Wood Nesting Tables From NextJeneration

Now, this is a little different to your more standard wooden nesting coffee tables, because rather than have just one large slab of wood as each table-top, the table-top is made up of several pieces of wood stretching from one side of the table to the other.

And the table legs are also made from screwing several pieces of wood together.

The link will take you through to YouTube, where you will find not only a video demonstrating the different steps you need to take, but also links to where you can buy the supplies you need from either Amazon or Home Depot.

6. Three Way Nesting Coffee Tables From Ana White

This is a great set of nesting tables to make the centerpiece of your living area.

This is because the largest of the three tables has a medium-sized table that slides forwards or backwards from underneath the larger one, while an even smaller nesting table is able to slide out the side of the larger one.

Thus, having the set at the center of a room will give it the space required to pull out each table when required.

They look smart and sleek, and they are very sturdy and reliable.

7. TAB Small Table And Stool From Instructables Workshop

How about instead of making nesting tables, you make a nice table that has a matching stool that nests underneath?

This is a really nice design from Instructables Workshop. It requires several pieces of wood, and having the pieces in different shades gives it a really nice aesthetic.

The largest of the 2 tables has a leg in each corner, and all but the front of the legs are connected to one another for stability.

The accompanying stool has a matching design and can slide right underneath the table.

8. Melrose Nesting Tables From The Design Confidential

These DIY nesting table plans feature not two but three little tables altogether.

The plan provider has painted them in three contrasting yet complimentary colors, but you can use whatever colors suit your living space best.

The instructions provided lay out all the tools, lumber and materials you will need, and it’s very cheap to make if you already have the necessary tools.

And feel free to adjust the sizes if you are afraid the tables will scrape each other when you pull them out.

9. Nesting Tables From Stan’s Plans

This is a simple, uncluttered nesting table design which features a taller table, which is the perfect height for storing a cell phone.

And it features a handy space underneath, where you can stash your odds and ends, and make the living space look neater and tidier.

The smaller nesting table that fits underneath is actually a matching stool. Both tables feature 4 table legs and stretchers for ultimate stability.

The instructions provided lay out all the materials required and their sizes.

10. Nesting Coffee Tables From Rockler

This beautiful set of three nesting coffee tables can be yours if you follow the available plans, which you can download for a minimal fee.

If you wish to imitate the aesthetic of the original set of tables, you will need some old walnut wood, but to be honest it would look just as good with any good quality wood.

It’s a relatively simple design that requires few parts, and has elegant, old-fashioned shaping, which at the same time, also makes the tables easier to pull out when you need them.

11. DIY Nesting Tables From 100 Things 2 Do

If, like me, you like the aesthetic of detailed ironwork on coffee tables, you can get the very same look simply by using pretty desk spindles, which you can spray paint to make them look like ironwork, thus creating fancy table legs for your DIY nesting coffee tables.

The instructions provided lay out all the materials you will need, and all the measurements of each piece of material.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, and it looks amazing when it’s finished.

12. Anthropologie Inspired Coffee Table From Adventures In Creating

This set of two nesting coffee tables is both simple and elegant. The idea for them was inspired by browsing through the online store of furniture retailer Anthropologie and Viva Terra.

They are very minimalistic, and there is plenty of space to keep household items, not only just on the larger table alone, but also on the smaller inner table, even when it’s nesting under the larger one.

The DIY instructions provided are split into 5 separate parts, and all of which are very easy to follow.

13. DIY Nesting Coffee Tables From Classy Clutter

You could easily argue that this particular set of DIY nesting coffee tables is way easier than most others you will find.

This is because you won’t be making the tables from scratch, but instead you will simply be upcycling ready-made ones.

Basically, all you have to do is spray paint various sections of the tables in your preferred shades and tones, such as metallic or gloss. You can use a primer beforehand if you so wish.

14. Nesting Occasional Tables From Instructables Workshop

This is the perfect DIY nesting table plan for homes that have narrow spaces. It gives you somewhere to rest your drinks and such without taking up too much space.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

15. Copper Pipe Nesting Tables From Steven And Chris

If you want to make your nesting coffee tables with something other than wood, then how about this?

The tables are made with a slab of tile or cut off for the top part, while the legs are made entirely of copper pipes. Original and simple.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my shortlist of the best DIY nesting coffee tables on the internet.

Please be sure to check that you have the necessary equipment before you set your heart on any particular project.

It is my hope that one of the projects catches your eye, and you decide to give it a go. Who knows, maybe you could even sell the finished product? Enjoy!

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