10 White Houses With Black Trim That You Will Love

Black and white is a classic combination in any setting. The contrast and polarity of the two colors exude simplicity but elegance. The same effect can be achieved with the exterior design of your home. 

10 White Houses With Black Trim That You Will Love

We have found 10 white houses with black trim that you will love. Take a look to find your favorite and start your next home decoration project.  

1. Black Trim Windows & Door

Black widow casings, especially thick versions, add emphasis to the shape and architecture of your home. The black roof trim frames the white external walls and creates a bold border to the house. 

Horizontal white timber panels give the impression of width while the black roof and porch trim add to this effect with contrast and depth. A brightly colored front door can add a pop of color to this palette and draw the eye to the house entrance. 

The greenery surrounding the house softens the black and white contrast which may otherwise be quite stark. 

2. White Brick With Black Trim Windows

The white painted brick of this home’s exterior is a perfect foil for the black window trims. The contrast not just between the colors but between the glass and brick works really well with the difference in texture. 

The straight lines of the house are used to emphasize the black and white contrast. But the rounded hedges offer a break from linear angles and add some color. 

While some may think white brick is a cold look, this combination of white walls with black trim actually exudes warmth and the feeling of heat with the inclusion of the outdoor fire. 

3. Mixed Textures & Patterns

This white house with black trim is an excellent example of how well the two colors look together. There is a good balance of white siding, black window trim and canopy. 

The front and garage doors are a deep wood color that gives the exterior a touch of warmth. The addition of the stonework on the front elevation introduces a different texture and color. 

On the white siding there is a combination of patterns and textures with horizontal boards below and vertical panels above. A beautiful example of contrasts and complementary textures and colors. 

4. Beautifully Symmetrical

An imposing and elegant home that is symmetrically classic. The soft gray on the porch roof trim is perfect as an intermediary color between the white horizontal siding and black framed windows. 

The symmetry extends down the path and gives a balanced feeling to the property’s facade. The natural stone base to the porch adds an extra texture and contrast. 

Using black and white in this home’s exterior emphasizes the property’s architectural symmetry which is reinforced with the garden and entrance path. It is difficult to see what other color scheme would have worked more successfully on this property’s exterior. 

5. Black, White & Soft Grays

No one could accuse this house of having a cold appearance, the property is filled with light and oozes warmth in an inviting way. The large windows flood the house with light while the white exterior walls are striking against their thin black frames. 

The trim is a muted gray rather than a stark black which helps to blend the two colors together. Around the bottom of the windows a light colored natural stone step leads to a gravel courtyard with contrasting stones and textures. 

A slight texture to the walls also offsets the large expanse of glass.

6. Black & White Elegan

A beautifully styled home with clean lines and brilliant white exterior offset with black framed windows. The various facades of the house are interspersed with differently sized windows all in the same style with a matching front door. 

The curve of the entrance breaks up the angular lines and the garden design softens the edges while also adding some much needed texture. A tall cypress tree on either side of the front door adds some symmetry. 

As a color scheme this polarity of black and white gives the house a grandeur that other color combinations would struggle to achieve. 

7. Black, White & Bold

A combination of white painted brick and black window frames in this house works wonderfully to highlight the property’s character. The windows are a bold statement despite being quite small and complement the matching garage doors. 

The textured walls, although white give a feeling of warmth and the imposing overhang of the roof with its brown trim makes a bold statement. 

Natural light stone at the entrance and steps are covered in succulents bringing the softness of nature to the house while contrasting the black and white color scheme. This is a beautiful and very well designed home.

8. Contrast & Color

This is an imposing and beautiful symmetrical house with white exterior walls and black framed windows and doors.

The house itself is framed by the surrounding trees and the swimming pool which serve to enhance the contrast of the black and white color scheme. 

A light colored roof and slightly curved gables soften the outline of the roof and draw the eye back to the appealing contrasted rear facade. 

The rear seating area is an inviting light natural wood color and the surrounding landscaping doesn’t try to detract from the beauty of the house. 

9. Mixed Styles

There is a lot going on with this house in terms of color, contrast and texture. The white painted brick walls are nicely offset by the black framed windows.

However, the doors do not have black frames but rather are a light gray color which is not so much of a contrast. 

The smoke stacks are covered in a mixture of different colored stones which break up the block of white on the property facade and there are different colored trims around the house.

There is a mixture of tiles and metal on the roof which adds the melange of textures. 

10. Perfectly Contrasted

This house is the perfect example of how wonderfully white houses work with black trim. The windows are beautifully paired across the three separate facades of the house contrasting perfectly with the white exterior walls. 

The walnut window headers and shutters add warmth and texture. All the trim around the three gables is white, but the roof covering is black.

The covering of snow shows just how white the external walls are as there is hardly any difference in shade between the two. 

A light natural stone on the driveway is the only other color in this property’s exterior, although the layer of snow is hiding the front lawn. 

Final Thoughts

White houses with black trim have always been popular but are definitely experiencing a new revival in popularity. 

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to 10 white houses with black trim and that it has inspired you. 

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