About Us

There’s nothing better than the pride of seeing a DIY home project come to life before your very eyes. The saved money doesn’t hurt either!

Hi, my name is Joel Adams and I like to think of myself as a professional DIYer. Whatever odd jobs a person needs to be done around the house, I’m their guy.

I’m talking shelves, making sideboards and tables, painting feature walls… the list is neverending!

I always knew that home DIYs were ‘my thing’ when I realized that while everyone else HATES building flatpack furniture, I love it.

Seriously, give me a booklet of 75-step instructions and I’ll feel like it’s Christmas!

 Joel Adams

I love learning all about new DIY techniques and tools to try so that I can wow my clients. I also enjoy using them in my own house to keep it up to date.

Many of my clients are interested in how I work, but the most common phrase I hear is “I could never do that”. But they could, and so can you!

My website is dedicated to all things DIY, from the tools you need to step-by-step instructions on how to DIY a project around your home.

I hope that you enjoy my tips and tricks, and learn something valuable to spruce up your current homey vibe. Enjoy it, DIY is fun!