What To Have Outside Your Tiny Home?

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. They allow for minimalistic living in a home that is not only cozy and affordable but also has a smaller carbon footprint and mortgage than most larger homes.

What To Have Outside Your Tiny Home?

However, despite the many positives associated with tiny homes, one sticking point for many is the outdoor space.

Creating an amazing outdoor space outside a tiny home isn’t an easy task but it isn’t impossible.

The outdoor space is also often smaller with these tiny homes and that means you need to know how to make the best of the space available to you.

In this article, we will look at what to have outside your tiny home.

Vertical Garden

Tiny homes often don’t have large spaces outside them to create lavish and picturesque gardens.

If this is the case with your tiny home, then instead of thinking about spreading out with your plants, flowers, and vegetables, why not think about spreading up?

All you need is some creativity and you can have a beautiful green garden even with a tiny house.

Look for stacked planters that have layers of plant pots arranged vertically. You can get some hanging planters for the outside walls of your home or any type of porch or fence you might have.

There are many plants that will thrive in these conditions and you can even grow some vegetables, such as peas, beans, or bottle gourds.

Just make sure that your vertical garden is based around a wall or fence that gets plenty of sunlight during the day.

Container Garden

If you do have a little more space outside, then you can make a garden from plants that thrive in containers.

Containers are ideal for little homes as they’re easily movable so whenever you add something else and space becomes a little tighter, you can simply move around your plant containers to get the best configuration possible. It also makes moving home with plants easier, too!

There are many shrubs and colorful plants that can grow perfectly well in containers.

Just make sure that the pots are placed in adequate sunshine and that they have drainage holes in the bottom to allow any excess water to drain away.


What To Have Outside Your Tiny Home?

Many people choose a tiny home because of their desire for greener and more environmentally friendly living. Tiny homes don’t have the carbon footprint of larger homes and can be a great way to ensure you live as eco-friendly as possible.

Starting a compost can also help with this and is a great way to reduce how much waste you dispose of each week.

All you need is a bin to contain your compost and this won’t take up much space at all. You can easily find bins suitable for composting at your local gardening store. 

You should never add any meat or dairy products to your compost, but other items such as eggshells, newspapers, grass clippings, and tea bags are perfect for composting.

Once the composting process is complete, you can use it in your potting soil and garden beds to add nutrients to your plants.


Lighting is a great way to create a lively and vibrant space outside any home and tiny homes are no exception. The right lights can make your outside space inviting and even look a little larger than it really is.

There are many options when it comes to outdoor lighting, too. You can opt for lighting the pathway to your home with lights such as tiki torches, lamp posts, or path lights.

You also have the option of lighting the porch and area immediately outside your door with porch lamps, string lights, or fairy lights. 

Lights can help to showcase the style, beauty, and individuality of your tiny home and can also make it stand out from the crowd.


There are many ways that you can use stonework to transform the outside of your tiny home. Stonework can help to create a vibrant outdoor experience and make the most of the small space you have.

You can choose to add a stone path running from the sidewalk to your home that can then be decorated on either side with some plants.

You could also consider paving the entire area if you want to use the outside of your home as the base for eating or socializing.

A third option is to look for a stone design or statue to act as a focal point for your garden. Adding some height to your yard can really open it up and distract from the small size.

Entertaining Space

The outside of your tiny home probably isn’t going to be large enough to support parties with hundreds of guests, but it can be the perfect size for a more intimate gathering of friends.

You can consider putting a small table and a couple of chairs outside so that you can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful sunsets.

Many people also like to turn the outside of their tiny homes into additional cooking spaces. You don’t need much room to operate a grill, after all, so even tiny homes can support al fresco cooking.

Think about getting a grill for the outside of your tiny home or you could even build one into the yard with some stone or bricks.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we introduced six ideas for the outside of your tiny home. Having a small space outside your home might limit some of your options, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a beautiful and welcoming space.

We explained how you can still have plenty of plant life outside your tiny home by creating a vertical garden or using containers.

Lighting is a great feature to highlight your yard and home and you can use stonework to make your yard stand out. We also love the idea of having a grill outside for entertaining friends and family.

We hope these ideas help you with the outside of your tiny home.

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