15 Well Designed Oak Kitchen Cabinets You Can Make Yourself

When your kitchen is looking dated and ready for a remodel, changing your cabinets is a good place to start.

15 Well Designed Oak Kitchen Cabinets You Can Make Yourself

You may want to think about taking that job on yourself rather than paying someone else to do it. 

There are lots of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets that you can install yourself as a DIY project.

So we have found 15 well designed oak kitchen cabinets you can make yourself to give your kitchen a makeover. 

1. Cabinet Joint

With over forty different shades of oak to choose from for your new kitchen cabinets you won’t need to go any further than Cabinet Joint for your remodeling project. 

The face frames, stiles and rails are all made from solid wood unless otherwise specified. Blind mortise and tenon joints are used in the frames for strong and durable construction. 

The tops, sides, backs and bottom of the cabinets are made from real wood veneer on top of ½ inch thick plywood for added strength and durability. Shelves are ¾ inch veneered plywood. 

2. Cabinet DIY

Solid oak kitchen cabinets from Cabinet DIY will give your kitchen a classic look. The shades of oak available are farmhouse, timeless and white oak. 

Choose from a variety of base, wall and tall cabinets to assemble your oak kitchen as well as a range of accessories.

As a hardwood oak makes very strong and sturdy cabinets, so you won’t need to replace these for a long time. 

You will also receive clear and detailed instructions on how to assemble your kitchen cabinets once you get them delivered. 

3. Fine Kitchen Cabinet

The warm wood feel of an oak kitchen is easy to achieve when you buy your cabinets from Fine Kitchen Cabinet.

Their solid wood door frames and mortise and tenon joints means you can be assured that what you are getting are quality kitchen cabinets. 

Stiles and rails are solid wood and the central panel of the doors in oak veneer MDF for strength.

The cabinet’s sides are made from ½ inch oak veneered plywood and the cabinet interiors all have a matching finish. They also offer a 5-year warranty on their products. 

4. Cabinet Select

Classic natural wood design never goes out of style and Cabinet Select offers a range that you would be proud to have in your kitchen. Not only are these high quality cabinets, but they are really easy to install yourself. 

The natural wood color goes well with any wall color, so you will have a lot of freedom when it comes to your choice of paint. 

There is a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, so this gives you peace of mind about the quality of these ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. 

5. Kabinet King

For all your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets Kabinet King is a one-stop shop. Here you will find well designed and quality cabinets to help you remodel your kitchen. 

There are sizes and shapes for every size and design of kitchen, so you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Their oak finish cabinets have a timeless quality and will look good in any new kitchen with solid frames and strong plywood shelves and drawer bases. 

Choose their Country Oak Honey cabinets for a warm, wood feel to your kitchen. 

6. Cabinets To Go

The large range from Cabinets To Go allow you to choose the perfect complement to your new kitchen.

Hardwood doors and drawers with dovetail joints testify to the quality of these cabinets. 

Raised panel doors give a sense of grandeur, style and sophistication in a variety of colors and finishes.

These high quality and well designed cabinets will be the envy of any visitors to your newly remodeled kitchen.

And you will be able to take most of the credit as these cabinets are all ready to assemble by you at home. 

7. Cabinets.com

This is where you will find the largest online selection of US manufactured kitchen cabinets. So when looking for your oak kitchen you’ll find everything you need here. 

The prices on the site are based on a 10-foot by 10-foot kitchen. Simply choose the door style and the color, then you choose the kitchen cabinet box construction and add all your chosen items to your cart. 

European style cabinets are made from ¾ inch particle board with soft close doors and drawers. Base cabinets have adjustable support legs 

8. Cabinet Giant

Country oak kitchen cabinets from Cabinet Giant have ¾ inch solid oak face frames, door and drawer front rails.

The eco-friendly water based stain finish has been hand applied, and the doors have fully concealed metal hinges. 

The cabinet sides and shelves are made from A grade plywood and the center door panels have an oak veneer finish over MDF. 

You can choose from a range of base, wall and tall cabinet sizes to fully remodel your kitchen. Moldings and accessories in matching oak will allow you to customize your kitchen to exactly how you want it. 

9. The RTA Store

This RTA store has many different types of kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of colors including Royal Oak. You can choose your layout and cabinet style to match your preferred choice. 

Drawer fronts and cabinet face frames are typically made from solid wood with the drawer bases and cabinet sides often made from veneered plywood. Joints are either dovetailed, screwed or glued depending on the style of cabinets that you purchase. 

You can also have pre assembled cabinets if you prefer which you can also fit yourself.

10. Nuform Cabinetry

Nuform cabinetry sells a wide range of kitchen cabinets that are ready to assemble. They have five different shades of oak cabinets, white, yellow, dark, medium and red oak. 

The cabinets consist of engineered wood doors and drawer fronts with white melamine plywood carcasses.

They are assembled using dowels, quick screws and adjustable, fully concealed soft close hinges. 

Soft close drawer boxes are metal and the cabinets come with a 4 ½ inch toe kick with a 3-inch recess.  Most cabinets have adjustable shelves with full edge banding. 

11. IKEA

Ikea is globally recognized for their ready to assemble furniture for the whole home. Their kitchen cabinets are equally well known for their ease of assembly and installation. 

Long lasting, robust and beautiful your Ikea oak kitchen will be the envy of family and friends. As well as the durable construction these kitchens offer a host of interesting and useful accessories and add ons. 

You will also get a 25-year limited warranty on your purchases, so you will have peace of mind about the quality of your kitchen cabinets. 

12. Lowes

Lowes offer a large selection of kitchens with base, wall and pantry style cabinets. Their natural oak finish can be painted, stained or left as it is to complement many different styles and color schemes. 

The flat panel doors similarly blend into any kitchen design and are composed of a solid wood face frame which provides stability and durability.

These cabinets are pre assembled so only need to be fitted once you get them home. 

Doors are fitted with fully concealed and adjustable hinges, and you can choose handles that match or contrast. 

13. Home Depot

Oak kitchen cabinets at Home Depot are strong, robust and provide a classic look for your new kitchen. They are pre assembled for easier installation. 

The face frames are constructed using pocket screw joints for strength and durability.

Premium drawer boxes are four sided hardwood and have ball bearing glides for smooth operation. The door hinges are fully concealed and self closing. 

For ease of installation the cabinet back panels are ⅜ inch composite which also provides additional strength. Shelves are ¾ inch and height adjustable and the doors can be hung either left or right. 

14. Costco

You can choose from two levels of custom cabinetry at Costco, semi-custom and custom depending on what you want.

Their custom cabinetry gives the widest range of options and color schemes. Of course, you have to be a Costco member to benefit from these choices. 

The construction method used will be either traditional, framed or European style with either ⅝, ½, or ¾ inch plywood.

Doors are either soft close or premium, and you will get a lifetime or 100-year warranty on your kitchen cabinets. 

15. Wholesale Cabinets

Wholesale Cabinets offer only premium quality solid wood or plywood constructed kitchen cabinets. None of their products are made with particle board. 

They do however, offer excellent prices, so you will be able to find what you are looking for within your budget for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. 

Drawers are made from solid wood with dovetail joints and soft close. Cabinet boxes are ½ inch plywood constructed with color matched sides. 

Final Thoughts

Assembling your own kitchen cabinets will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction while also saving you some money. 

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to 15 well designed oak kitchen cabinets you can make yourself and wish you a successful project. 

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